Category 6 UTP Solid Plenum Cable (1000ft)

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Our Weltron GigaSystem Cat 6 bulk cable has gigabit ethernet, broadband, audio/video and security capabilities, which makes it ideal for network installations in your home, office, or business. Footage-marked cable is packaged in an easy pull box for easy installation.

-Verified compliant with EIA/TIA Cat6 specifications by ETL
-4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
-23 AWG solid bare copper conductor for superior conductivity
-Plenum-rated jacket
-Footage Marked Cable -Tested to 550 MHz to provide additional performance and bandwidth over and above the basic requirements of Cat6 550 MHz standards
-CMP-classified for use in air-handling ducts and plenums in accordance with article 800 of the National Electrical Code (NEC)

-UL Listed

-TAA Compliant







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