Category 6 28AWG Slim Patch Cable

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Weltron® CAT6 28 AWG Slim Patch Cable Easy Tab Patch Cables improve the layout and design of your networking rack. They do so by freeing up space that was previously unavailable using standard patch cables. The Weltron Slim Patch cables have a sleek low profile tab matching our standard patch cable style that extends back and down. This allows the cable to be snagless without the need for a cumbersome boot thus allowing for care-free removal from switches, patch panels, etc.

 - CAT6 28 AWG Slim Patch Cable

- Connector: 50µ gold plated RJ-45 with nickel plated shell




  • REDUCED SIZE-0.13" (3.5mm) OD; more than 40% less cable volume gives more room for more cables in TR(Telecom Rooms) and Racks, As well increasing capacity of cable managers and pathways.
  • MORE FLEXIBLE and less bulky than 24awg provides for easier cable routing and handling. Also saves money on installation.
  • BETTER AIRFLOW for better air circulation and equipment cooling.
  • IMPROVED RACK UTILIZATION-a means for new configurations are possibles. Use of fewer cable managers, or enables better port views or even extra ports.





  • SHORTER DISTANCES-with the higher gauge (smaller size) cables the physics is that there is more insertion loss. Maximum distance with a permanent run and patch cable is 314-Ft (96 meters)
  • LIMITED POE-although 28AWG Cat6 is capable of carrying POE, with the greater heat loss associated with the smaller wire, the applications are limited to length and number of cables in a bundle.




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