Category 6 U/UTP Stranded CM

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Our stranded Category 6 bulk ethernet cable is the best choice for high-speed networking applications that require flexibility and ease of installation. Consisting of top-quality materials, our Cat6 cable in the stranded design allows it to bend and flex more easily than solid-core cable, making it ideal for making patch cables in various lengths. Our cable is high resistant to interference, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer speeds in the most demanding data environments. Whether you are building a home network, setting up a server room, or installing in a high speed data center, our stranded Cat6 bulk ethernet cable is a great choice for high-performance networking.

  • Category 6 Stranded CM Rated Wire tested to 550-Mhz
  • Unshielded U/UTP
  • Meets Cat6 Standards
  • Jacket : PVC
  • Conductor : 4-Pair (UTP) 24 AWG Bare Copper
  • Footage-Marked Cable
  • 1000 Ft Reel/Spool
  • Compatible With Our Weltron Modular Plugs





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